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My name is Kimberly. I'm a high school junior who constantly falls for fictional characters. I write for this thing called a newspaper (yes, they do still exist) and I love it. If I'm not blushing or dying of laughter, something is probably wrong... and if I am in fact dying of laughter, it's okay. There's no need to get help.~Me~~Personal~~My Writing~~My Loves~

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WTF 30/08


@Ashton5SOS: Bring a milkshake to work day @Michael5SOS


Also, apparently just standing and staring at your bookshelves doesn’t make room for all the books you just bought.




Is that really Ronan?


Ansel and Violetta, front row at Dior fashion show.

Luke Hemmings Look Alike

Okay so I was at 5 Below today picking up chocolate bars for smores and while I’m trying to find them in the candy section, I bump into this guy. The dude looks just like Luke. Same hair, same eyes, etc. He was even wearing ripped black skinny jeans, a blink-182 shirt, converse, and a gray beanie. I can’t even make this up. He looked so much like him it was creepy. I guess I kinda stopped and stared for a second thought because the guy gave me this weird look. Not to mention, I had no makeup or anything on. 

Guys, I just can’t believe I met a guy that looks so much like Luke. I’m so weirded out but at the same time, he was so cute (obviously!)

Chicago 29.08

WWA Tour: Houston - August 22, 2014 [x]